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mass tort lead generation

$80 Billion Spent On TV Commercials, Yet Over 80% of the audience watches Netflix, Hulu, Youtube TV, or picks up their smart phone during commercial breaks.

9 out of 10 Leads/Retainers Are Generated From A Smart Phone Not Desktop, Yet Most Of Our Mass Tort Competitors Still Focus Their Energy On Driving A Mobile User To A Desktop Website.

Mass Tort Lead Generation

Desktop PPC ($5000 A Case)

The real truth comes down to the following. A desktop click for Mesothelioma runs about $900 a click. It takes about 4 to 5 clicks for someone to fill out the form or call in from visitng the website. Now it takes 4-5 leads to get a retainer. That means your paying $4000-$5000 for someone to do business with you


Call Only Ads ($1800 A Case)

The Call Only Ad (Shown On Mobile Devices Only, will still run around $900 a click which is a call. Now it takes 2-3 inbound leads/calls to get a retainer. (Remember form fills mentioned above get bogus info occassionally). Caller ID tells no lies. That means your paying $1800-$2700 for someone to do business with you


invokana lead management

Qualified Leads

Enable your team to spend 100% of their time building retainers, not chasing down unqualified leads or leads produced by dialers.

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Mass Tort lead generation

Over 10 Torts

Victims of torts are our only focus. Allowing a courteous & professional human interaction is key. Don't let their first impression be their last.

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Mobile Advertising

Forget paying for clicks or form fills, we turn mobile traffic into qualified phone conversations better than anyone in the mass tort advertising industry.

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Build your retainers faster with Class Action Leads

We pride ourselves on a little saying that speed trumps quality. We understand in the marketing industry its all about testing and more testing. The faster we bring a tort to market with multiple campaigns simultaneously, the faster we find the audience. Most marketing agencies understand the term "content" but few understanding context.

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